Monday, July 28, 2014

I have a new companion! Her name is Sister Freitas, she's from a sheep farm in Porto Velho, Hondonia, Brasil and was baptized 7 years ago... and is still the only member in her family. She's a tough cookie... and a little weird, but we'll get over that. 

We've been working hard this week and finding some really awesome people to teach in the cobblestone streets of Eldorado, Diadema... the only thing is that no one is in their house when we have marked an appointment with them. This past Sunday, we had every single hour scheduled with a new investigator. And what happened? Every single appointment fell through. SO we basically just walked through the streets in circles like lost sheep. JK, we talked to a ton of people in the streets, but I would have liked to have been teaching instead. BUT, that's the mission life, right?

One of our miracles of the week was Lucas. Lucas was a reference from our Zone Leaders who live near byt. We contacted him on the same day and just invited him to come to church. He told us that he would so we told him wr would come by his house in the morning and walk with him. Not thinking much of it (because everyone tells us that), we passed by his house yesterday morning and HE WAS THERE. AND CAME TO CHURCH WITH US. AND SAID HE LIKED IT. AND THAT WE COULD COME BACK ON MONDAY. It was so great. He's 26 and I think he smokes a lot of pot, but we can work with that.

Last night I had a dream that I got robbed in street, so I have decided to leave my camera at home this week...

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