Monday, July 14, 2014

Brazil lost. Real bad. Alemanha kicked their butt 7 x 1. Let's just say Brazilians went from an unhealthy obsession with the Soccer Team, to an unhealthy hatred. Yes, they are burning buses and no one wants to buy Neymar's jerseys anymore. But, they'll always have at least one fan! Sister Hargrove! All they've been showing on the news this week (not that I watch the news, but we pass by a lot of bars in the street and they always have it on) is clips of children all dressed up in their brazilian soccer gear sobbing over the game with Alemanha and the clip of José Luiz crying as well. 

This coming week we have interviews with our new mission president and the week after that ismybirthday. 22. #idowhatiwant

This week was busy like crazzzzyyyy. I did two divisions with Sister Cavalcanti, from Pernambuco, and Sister Soares, from Manaus. Two super cool sisters serving in the Mirandopolis and Vila Liviera wards. The divisions were super cool and we had a lot of little miracles happen and found a lot of new people to teach.

I am excited for this coming week because we won't have any soccer games to get in the way of the missionary work!

-Sister HA!

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