Monday, April 28, 2014

This week was just dandy, but let's start with today... As Sister Machado and I were anxiously making our way through companionship study and trying not to think about the millions of different outcomes of transfers, we get a phone call. 

Me: "Sister? Why is President calling?"
Sis.: "I don't know, answer it!"
Me: "Oi Presidente!"
President: "Hi, Sister Hargrove, so I just wanted to let you know and your being transferred..."
Me: "...and..." (because president doesn't just call to tell you you're getting transferred.)
President: "...and we would like to call you as a Sister Training Leader."
Me: "What the... ?!"

So it's officially official. I've been called to serve as a Sister Training Leader. Which is basically a Sister Zone Leader who is in charge of two or three zones of Sisters. I get to do exchanges with the sisters every week. Which meens training them, and seeing how they are ajusting to missionary life and how I and the other mission leadership can help them. I'm pretty excited, I won't lie. I'm reall going to get to know the mission going to all the different areas and all the awesome sisters that we have in our mission. And, selfishly saying, I will have the opportunity to grow and learn a lot from those other sisters. For sure, I feel super inadequate. There are a LOT of really great sisters that I think would do a way better job than me. BUT, not only is President trusting in me, but Heavenly Father is as well. And with less than six months left on the mission, there's no way I'll let Him down. 

Don't forget about me on Mother's Day! I'll be skyping! 

See ya'll in six months!