Tuesday, February 18, 2014

I've been transferred!

NATE. That is so stinking cool that you're going to EFY at BYU. I loved it when me and jasmine and shay and walker and jared all went. Make the best of it, Nate!  You'll learn a lot about the Savior, but also have the time of your life if you let yourself!
This week was exciting. I didn't get any mail this week, but it's just because we haven't gotten a mail delivery in forever. BUT, my new and improved and great Ward Mission Leader works right next to the Mission Office and will be passing by there on his way home from work today to pick us up and brand spanking new box of copies of the Book of Mormon and hopefully our letters and packages. He served a mission so I think he realizes how important they are to the missionaries. :)
As you've probably already realized, I've been transferred. It was SAD, to say the least. But, I'm practically on the other side of the street. I'm officially in the Rudge Ramos Stake, Assunção Ward. But, funny story... I already know a lot of the members from being in this zone my first transfer being so close these past four transfers. and I know the Bishop. So Bishop Dani is the brother-in-law of my bishop back in São Bernardo. I saw him everytime we had lunch over there, which was jsut last week where we were JOKING, "Hey Bishop, if you're lucky, maybe I'll get transferred to you're ward." hahaha HA. Jokes on me. Here I am. Looks like I'll be seeing a lot more of the great Boscolo Family... and São Bernardo. I actually think that I might stay in São Bernardo for my entire mission! I also got a new junior companion, Sister Cañas. She's 19, from Santiago, Chile, and has four months on the mission and super cool... The only problem is that she doesn't speak a whole lot of Portuguese, a LOT of Spanish. Looks like I'll be learning Spanish as well. Which is fine, because at this point I understand both languages, I just don't want to get them all confused, because they're so similar. 

I got the call on Monday morning and immediately started calling and writing letters to my beloved members, here in SBC 4. They set up a nice going away party with pizza and people and pictures for Sister Marino and I. We all cried and reccounted happy memories and everyone gave us great words of wisdom and invited us to come back with the family. That means YOU, family. You have an official invite to the SBC 4 Ward. Parabems. If this gets posted on my blog and Vinicius is reading this... I miss you and your family! I can't wait to come back and visit! Ask Sister Alves to show the video we made for you!


This week, we had a great, exciting week of work. The first day we went to visit one of the investigators, Lilian... and I saw the grossest thing I've ever seen on a human body. She had this HUGE thing on her leg, a tumor or something and she was sick, couldn't walk with a swollen, hot, red leg with a fever. So obvi, we dragged that woman to the hospital. Which was an adventure! I've been in a few Brazilian Hospitals, but just to visit, not with an actauly patient. So what they do, is after 100 years of waiting (or like 4 and a half hours) they call you into the office of the doctor and she's writes you a prescription of what you need to get better and sends you on your way to the treatment center, where they hit everyone up with and IV and whatever else they need. In Brazilian Hospitals everyone gets an IV. Then you go to the pharmacy to pick up your happy pills and they send you on your way. So back to Lilian, she got prescribed two drugs and a pimple popping. I don't actaully know the name of what was on her leg, but whatever it was, it needed to be popped. I'm counting my blessings that I didn't have to go in with her while she got it popped because it was real nasty and pusy and bloody... yuck.

 On a more spiritual note... We had some great lessons and helped a lot of people this week. First, Rosa. The Sisters found her knocking doors and have been helping her to stop smoking. We met with her this past week and shared a scripture and our testimonies with her, and then I did something I've never done before. I asked her to hand over the ciggs. I felt a little bit like an inmate because I told her that I would trade all the ciggs she had for some oranges (rumor has it, because oranges are acidic, it helps get the nictotine out of your veins easier or something like that). After a little push, she accepted, and she has officially been smoke free since Saturday night and will be baptized and confirmed on Sunday. Pray hard for Rosa! It was definitely a spirit filled lesson. There's no way that I could have said the things I did so boldy with out God's help.
I had one of the most precious lessons with some less actives this week as well. We went to visit Wesley, Wellington, and Wiliam (true story) and while we were chit chatting, I started asking Wesley about his baptism and what he remembered. He said that he remembered being scared of how deep the wated was, but that when he came back up out of the water he felt so clean and light. It was such a sweet and sincere testimony. We asked Wellington to say the prayer. He was nervous so I told him I would help him. I started and he kind of filled in the blanks. It was such a sweet prayer. He said that he was gratful for the missionary visit and he prayed that he and his borthers could all have the desire to come back to church.
love love love you all
sister hargrove