Sunday, September 1, 2013

First Transfer in Brasil? FIM.

Transferencias: It's official! I found out this morning that I am being transferred away from Sao Caetano. I don't know where and I don't know who will be my new companion, but I will find out tomorrow. We have to go to a transfer meeting in Sao Judas... which means I have to pack up everything and then haul all my things onto 3 trains and a bus... yay. :/

My District
Testemunho de Jehova: Sister Davis and I had a very interesting experience this week. We taught some Jehovah's Witnesses. Let's start from the beginning... We talked to this woman at the bus station. She was so nice to us! She explained that she was already a Jehovah's Witness, but that she wanted to know more about our beliefs in comparison to hers. Perfect! So we set up a time and day to go visit her at her house and that was that. Anyways, we go to her house and start talking with her and she pulls out all of this anti-lds stuff she printed off the internet, full of ridiculous lies about the LDS church, so we're trying to explain to her that the things in these articles are false when we hear some people outside her gate clapping (people in brazil clap, not knock). So she goes out  and comes back with two JW missionaries and immediately they just start arguing with us. They raised there voice and started shoving their Bible in our faces saying 'read this!, read that!' and telling us that we were living a lie. And on top of that, they refused to let us talk. We would start to explain what we really believed and they would cut us off every time. Finally Sister Davis stood up and told them that we had to go. We tried to give them a Book of Mormon, but obviously they wouldn't take it and they left. I am all for comparing our beliefs, but attacking someones beliefs is never ok. The Spirit cannot dwell in such an environment. We gave the woman our phone number and a Book of Mormon as well and left. It was a rough experience.

Comida: Oh man. We had a good food week. If I come back from Brazil the same size that I am now, it will be a miracle. Members give us money all the time for food, and EVERYONE wants to feed us. Yesterday we had lunch with my favorite member. She is the Southern Belle of Sao Paulo. She's a convert as well and makes the best food I've ever had. And whenever we come over she pulls out all the stops and makes SO much and always tells us that she'll be offended if we dont eat it all. And Sister Davis and I are always like "...Well if you insist!!" And then we eat all the beans and rice and watermelon juice and chocolate mouse and a thousand other things until we feel like we might get sick.

Our lunch money haha were rivh in reais
Doms dos Membros: Something weird about this area... I don't know if the members are trying to send Sister D and I a message but everyone wants to give us soap. All of the Sisters in the ward always tell us that they have a present for us and it is always soap... Ive gotten 3 soaps this week! What are they trying to say... ? 

Poo river... smells like the goat barn, blehhh
Batismo: This week we had a Baptism! My first Baptism! His name is J. V. and he knows the Church is true. He will be the first in his family to be LDS. He was a member referral from a sweet brother in Santo Andre. His baptism was AWESOME. We took pictures and he tried to hug us like 100 times. Sister Davis gave a great talk about the covenant of baptism and about the example of Jesus Christ. A few members bore their testimony to him and the Elders Q Pres said a few words and presented him with his very own manual. :) It was touching. Afterwards the whole ward went up to him and talked to him and welcomed him. They were all so nice. One brother gave him a tie and there were hugs all around. It was a very special day. And on top of that, he brought his whole family with him to church. #blessings

J and his family
Anyways, that's all the exciting stuff that has happened this week, until next time... Remember who you are.

Com Amor,
Sister Hargrove

One of the elders that is going home ("dying" lol get it?)

4 month pic

Ward talent show

The baptism

The baptism

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