Monday, September 2, 2013


Nova Companiera: My new companion is Sister Marino. Another American! Can you believe it?! She's 22, from New York (30 minutes away from the Sacred Grove!) and gos to BYU-Idaho as well. She is GREAT and we get along really well. She spent her first two transfers in the Salt Lake City Central Mission and this is her third transfer is Brazil. Her Portuguese is really good and she teaches me a LOT every day. Que Bençao!

Nova Casa: Our house is SO NICE. Except for the fact that there have been elders in it for the past couple years. And the elders that were here before us were a little disobedient. It's actually really disgusting. I don't know if they swept at all. We got to the house and there were pizza boxes and soda cans and hey swept all the dirt into a pile and left it there. BUT, all is well, the house just needs some Sister Love.

Nova Area: Our area is GREAT. I am serving in Sao Bernardo 4 now. I actually think that it might be the best area in the mission. The members here LOVE us and they are so helpful. When we first go o our house people brought us cake and mango juice and called to see if we needed anything.

Livro de Area, Ajuda dos Elderes, e Nosso Bispo: Since the elders before us were foibeika, our Area Book was empty. It hadn't been updated in months so we had no addresses and no one to go visit... so we went to meet with our Bishop. He is awesome. His name is Bishop Rogers and he is only like 29. He brought us both a big box of chocolate on our first meeting so I can tell he's great haha he gave us a list of members to call to go on splits with us because he elders didn't leave us a map so we didn't know how to get anyways. 

Coversa: Yesterday, I talked to someone on the bus for 5 minutes ALL. IN. PORTUGUESE. What the heck?! It was so great. And then I got his address and told him that missionaries would come by next week. WOOHOO. I'm a real missionary.

Igreja no Domingo: Sister Marino I bore our testimonies during fast and testimony meeting this Sunday. It was great. All of the members that we had gone on splits with got up and bore there testimony about missionary work and how great spltis were. So cool. :)

That's all for this week! Love all of you. Heavenly Father's on our side. :)

Com amor,
Sister Hargrove

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