Monday, September 9, 2013

P-day at WALMART

I feel like I don't have any exciting things to report on this week... oh well. Last P-day, we went to WALMART. It was so great. Obvi, it was way different than any wallyworld I've ever been to in the states, but still good. It made me really trunky though. I bought a bunch of overly priced Reese's. My week was pretty uneventful this week because I got food poisoning. :/ Sister Marino and I ate lunch at this members house, an average meal of chicken, salad, beans, rice, and orange juice. After that we went to this less-active members house and when we were going to leave I stood up and just got so dizzy and felt so sick. After that we went to two other houses to have Family Home Evenings with them and I felt more and more sick. We ended up going home at like 830h, I ran through the door, up the stairs, and puked all the rice and beans I've ever eaten up. It was disgusting. I slept through the next two days and all is well now! I still don't have an appetite for rice and beans, but I'm going to have to get over that real quick...

We had a man stop us in the street this week and ask us to come to his house, so we did and we taught him all about the basic beliefs of our church and it went really well! After we left he texted us and told us that his wife didn't want us in the house any more, but that he would still come to church. Surprise, surprise, he never came and is ignoring us now. We've had a lot of that lately. People just drop off the face of the earth. Weird.

Every Sunday we have Family Home Evening with the members that own the house that we live in in English. Its so weird. Last Sunday they made us pancakes, this Sunday, we brought them Reese's and they made us chocolate cake... such a good way to spend our "p-night."

A son of one of our recent converts in the ward reminds me a lot of nate. He's 12, just got the priesthood, plays video games and thinks he's the coolest kid around. I just love him so much. I asked him if he wanted to serve a mission and and said "YES!!! in the united states!!" He wants to learn english so bad. SIster Marino and I teach him slang words every once and a while, like"cool".

so good.

I love my mission.

And YOU guys.

Sister Hargrove

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