Monday, September 16, 2013

Tudo bem com vocês?

OÍ Família! Tudo bem com vocês? Tudo é ótimo aqui, em São Bernardo. I am glad to hear that you got my package, finally! Did you like all the the Brazilian candy? And the letters? I haven't gotten the other package yet. I won't have the opportunity to pick up my mail until the end of September anyways, so it already be in the office right now, I don't know! The post offices here are on strike right now, so I can't mail anything right now either. :/ But all is well! One day I'll get my granola bars!

This week was good, pretty uneventful again, but good. Last p-day we went and hung out with the other dupla of sisters in our zone. We made guacamole and juice AND Sister Schwitters shared some of her Peanut Butter (a VERY precious, rare, expensive item in Brazil) with us and I got half a PB&J. It was HEAVENLY. Seriously.

After that we got home and went to go contact a referral that we had recieved from (also a very rare thing in Brasil) The Elder in the office wrote his name down wrong so we were surprised when he answered and was a boy haha. Elder Consiglieri wrote down Gabriella, but his name is G... oops. Anyways, he has a really cool story. He's 21 and recieved a Book of Mormon from his non-member friend who said he was going through a hard time and that book really helped him. So G went online to find out more and order a Book of Mormon of his own. Cool, right? When we came back, he told us that he had already started reading the book of mormon! When we asked him if he wanted to be baptized, he said yes! AND THEN we tried to return twice and he cancelled on us and never came to church... dang. But we are going to go back and try and visit with him this week!

Other than that we don't really have anyone else that is progressing, but we are doing a lot of work with the less-actives in the ward and also with the members. We have the best members here!

ALSO, we are going on our 4th day with out any running water in our house... #lifeofamissionary. our water box broke and leaked into all the walls in our house so they are trying to fix it today. We've been having to take showers at member homes and go to the bathroom in the chapel!! haha but tudo bem

Just so you know, tomorrow starts the 100 day count down until christmas! 100 DAYS UNTIL I GET TO SKYPE YOU GUYS!!!!!!! :D Woohoo! I can't wait! And the 24th is my 5 month mark. can you believe it! ahh!!! I get to go to the temple in sao paulo next week, so my p-day will be on tuesday, btw. and then general conferance is the week after. WOOHOO!! I am so excited! Sister Marino and I think that they will announce that sisters can serve two year missions. ;)

Anyways, I love you all and hope you are doing well and reading your scriptures every single day! Deus nos ama!

Com Amor,
Sister Hargrove

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