Monday, June 2, 2014

Mais 20 Semanas!

Another week ooofffffffff... everything falling through #welcometothemission Litereally everything. Appointments with investigators, lunches with members, divsions with sisters, meetings with leaders. everything We are stugglebusin' it for sure. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday our plan A, B, and C to everything fell through, so we wandered around, got to know our area a little more, found a quaint little favella, and made street contacts after street contacts after street contacts until a member found us far from home and gave us ride to the chapel. This area needs some serious work. The missionaries before me taught a lot of eternal investigators, which kind of sucked for us because we're realizing that these people like because of the following reasons... we have blue eyes, we're foreign, we have an accent, I know how to make cookies, and sometimes I show them cute little mormon message videos.... and the gospel? nope. So we are rebuilding our teaching pool right now and forcing the members to help us out by guilt triping them into giving us references (what?) and teaching them how to open their mouths and share their happiness! 

This past Tuesday, we had a party in our house. So all of the new american missionaries have to make a trip to the federal police department soon after they get into the field to pick up their visa. And since our house/area is in the central part of our mission, they all get to sleep at our house. Soooooo, TEN sisters sleeping in our house on Tuesday. TEN. It was a hot mess of pizza, blow up mattresses, and mission gossip. Woof. It was a looonngggg night. BUT I got to be reunited with my Chilean companion from a couple transfers ago, Sister Cañas, woohoo! Another supla of sisters stayed in our area and did some street contacts for us and found two people that would let us teach them in their house. We went to contact one yesterday. ot to his house and were greeted by a cute little group of gang members smoking pot. yes. We talking to the guys mom and she told us to come back on Monday. While we were walking away from the house, me and my big mouth decided it would be a good idea to invite the pot-smoking-gang-members to church on Sunday and that if they would let Him, Jesus Christ could change their lives. Woops. They politely thanked me for the invite and then told me that the area I was in was dangerous and that they are part of such-and-such gang and that people are killed right where I was standing. Then one of the dudes said, "organiiiiiiiized crimmmmme." And that was enough for me, I said #thanksBYE and took off as fast as my sister missionary shoes could take me. 

We have a really, really, really awesome investigator, C. She's in er 30's and was a referance from the stake presidents wife. She has two kids and is pregnant, but a widow. She is AWESOME. And super sweet. She has lived a really hard life and she is really growing and progressing in the gospel. The coolest thing is that the relief society and the primary are taking really good care of her and her family. Her kids LOVE church. And C is preparing for baptism. :)
This week we also had our last conference with President and Sister Tanner. Everyone cried, felt the Spirit and sang 'God Be With You 'Till We Meet Again', the official goodbye hymn. I am so grateful for them as my mission mom and dad. They have changed my life and I am more than excited to welcom President and Sister Broadbent into the mission and send President Tanner off to his new calling.

13 Months!

Transfers are this coming week. Hoping to continue in the Bosque ward! :) Still waiting for letters...

Sister Nicole Hargrove
Missão Brasil São Paulo Sul
Rua Dr. Luis da Rocha Miranda, N°159
8° Andar
São Paulo, SP
CEP 04344-900

Com Amor,
Sister Hargrove

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