Monday, May 19, 2014

So we have this investigator named Sandra. She's in her 40's and from Chile and doesn't speak Portuguese, just Spanish. So I've been doing my best to remember everything I learned from high school Spanish Class (nothing) and we've been teaching her. She's here visiting her cousin, who's an active member in our ward. She had a really great experiance in Church this past Mother's Day Sunday. We get to Church and she doesn't understand anything for the first two house (Rel. Soc. and Sun. School). Then we get to Sacrament Meeting and she jsut starts to understand everything. It was awesome and truly the gift of tongues. She turns to me and her cousin, with tears in her eyes and says, "Everything they're saying is just for me!" It was so cool. We taught her last night with a kid in our ward that just got back from his mission in Ecuador, so his Spanish is a little better than mine. We taught her the Restauration and it went really well! Pray for her!

This past Friday, we had an interesting experiance... We had just gotten home (on time! 9 o'clock.) and about five minutes in to our daily planning session we hear a bunch of noise outside out front window and a man yelling "Rapido! Rapido!" ("Fast! Fast!") we go over to the window, open the curtains and see a car parked in front of our house and three or four men robbing the people in the car at gunpoint. "Sister! I saw a gun!" We quickly shut the curtains and the car eventually drove off after about a minute. Can I just tell you about my testimony of the missionary curfew. THAT RULE WAS INSPIRED! For sure. We are home. On time. Everyday. Nothing else sketchy has happened since that incident. So all is well, mom.

We have another really awesome investigator that was a referance from our Stake President's wife. Her name is Cibele, she's super cute and pregnant with her third, and is in her 30's. She came to Church this Sunday and loved it. Her daughter also adored the Primary class. She's really great because you call tell that she is really searching for truth, not only for her, but for her family as well. It's really sweet.

I'm in charge of making breakfast for our zone tomorrow. Someone let it out that I know how to cook. So we'll see how that goes. This week should be really great because we are going to have a mission conference with Elder Anderson! Everyone is super excited. My new calling is going well. I got my first dose of dealing with some sweet sister drama. But, no worrie, I told them to suck it up and get to work. :)

I love my mission and y'all too!

com amor,
Sister Hargrove

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