Monday, June 9, 2014

Pre-World Cup

The World Cup is cominnnggggg! The first game is on the 12th of this month and unfortunately, the missionaries have not been liberated to watch the games... We will be switching our study hours to the hours of the games. :( But we'll see if that doesn't change. São Paulo has already gone into party mode preparing for the games. The streets are painted, banners are up, and the drunks are out. Lots of barbeques and soccer talk here. Also, the metros have been on strike for the past week and a half, which has put a damper on my Sister Leader duties. No divisions this week because we are out of options (except our feet) for how to get to the other areas. Everyone is struggling with this metro strike. It's becoming more and more difficult to get investigators to church, get to our meetings, and lots of other things...

On Tuesday I went to the dentist. It was painful, but don't worry, it was free. I've also been banned officially from eating popcorn. It's a hard-knock-life. Today we are suppsoed to be getting transfers, BUT we still have not gotten the call yet... I'm pretty sure I'll be staying here in the Bosque ward until the end of my mission (there's an END?!), so I'm pretty excited.

Sorry the email is so short, things were a little slow this week due to the cup festivities.

com amor,
sister hargrove

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