Monday, June 16, 2014

trunky email

First order of business... Everyone is telling me that Beyonce and President Obama are getting together. Is there any truth to that? Also, I'm still waiting for an answer about whether Michael Jackson is alive or not... #ineedanswers

Second order of business, We sang "I stand all amazed" and I thought of Tina Most, so about a week ago I sent letter to her, but I didn't know her home address so I just sent it to the house address. Could you get that to her?

Third order of business, IV'E BEEN TRANSFERRED! ...toooooo the Diadema First Stake, Eldorado Ward. It is TINY. But great... and only favella and a HUGE amazon forest. awesome. We live pretty far from the city and sometimes I think to myself, "Is this what Shay served in in Manaus?" There are bugs and huge spiders and snakes everywhere. I found three Daddy Longlegs this morning (one on my bed when I woke up). Speaking of our house, our toilet doesn't flush, so everytime we have to go, we fill a bucket up with water and dump it down. Also the door doesn't shut... Not to mention that I've almost gotten bit by a dog at least once a day. The bishop here is great. He's 27 and just got back from him mission in Boston, MA a year (or two?) ago. My companion is Sister Barraza, from Santiago, Chile (again). She's 22 and great and also a Sister Training Leader and has one year on the mission. 

The World Cup here is just stinking nuts. The crazy things y'all are seeing on the news? #TRUTH. President Tanner has banned us to the house for the entire day when Brazil plays and I think we're going to stay in a lot more with other teams as well because... Brazil looooves football. Buuutttt... GO USA!

We started off our transfer with awesome miracles... and TWO baptisms. (Sidenote: In the history of all history, I am the third Sister to serve in this ward. Just elders before us!) We baptized Glaucia and her son "CaDoo" (Carlos Eduardo). They are so stinking awesome. Especially CaDo. Hes almost 11 and loves the gospel and learning everything about it. He loves playing soccer and videogames just like Nate and Matt. SO. I have a special request for Matt. It would be super cool if he could write CaDo a letter! (Don't worry, I can translate it) Talk about stinky boy stuff and about how you felt on your baptismial day. It would be super cool for him to hear about your experiance, Matt! Por Favor!

This week, I also got the dreaded "trunky email". Asking about all my personal info about going home so they can buy my plane ticket. :´(

I think that's all for this week. I looooove my mission. I know that this church is true and that miracles are REAL.

com amor,
sister hargrove

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