Monday, January 27, 2014


On Tuesday we were waiting at the busstop to go to District Meeting and I saw two toucans fly overhead and land in the tree right next to us. Sometimes I forget that I'm in Brazil and then things like this happen. lol.

I got a package from y'all on Tuesday as well. I cried when I opened it, in front of the whole zone, it was great. I also got a letter from Sister Johnson. Thanks for the Burts Bees and hand santi and all the other goodies. I gave a lot of the candy to my zone and now they all love 'mama hargrove.' :)

We had interviews with President Tanner on Tuesday as well. It was really great. I really don't know how I lucked out with such a great mission president/sister.

where in brasil is sister wishon going?

I scared Sister Alves real bad this week. She was in the bathroom before bed so I turned off all the lights and made my blanket look like I was still in bed. Then I waited aroiund the corner of our bedroom. When she felt around for our dresser to walk to her bed and found a person instead, she screamed bloody murder and woke everyone up. :)

So this week for english class we did a phone activity. Everyone drew a situation out of the bag that they had to do over the phone with us. For example, order a pizza, ask someone on a date, sign up for a football team... it was super funny.

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