Monday, January 13, 2014

Represa Billings

Represa Billings - This week we went on an awesome adventure tooooo... Billings! Billings is the farthest and most deserted part of our area and full of country house. It was awesome.Definitely reminded me a little bit of the tropical version of home.Banana trees instead of pine trees. Packs of stray dogs everywhere. But anyways, we knocked doors and talked to people. I saw a dalmation. We hanve return appointments... successsssss. We'll go back one day this week.

Flood - So we had the most insane rainstorm this week. We have crazy thunder and lighting everyday, but the rain in]s just insane. The streets flood everyday. All the cars just pull into a gas station and wait for it to pass. One day the drain on our balcony got clogged with dirt and hair and who knows what else and flooded our house completely. we had about an inch of water in my bedroom, wich flooded into the other sisters bedroom, which then made a waterfall down the stiars, into the kitche and then back out side... needness to say... our tile floors are spotless and our drain is clean now.

Drought - This area is dead. We are hardly teaching right now. No one wants to hang out with us. Everyone's busy or vacationing...

Cookie - So we have a dog.  She's homeless. Her name is cookie. Everytime we work in this area called Terra Nova II, she finds us and follows us for the rest of the day. While we're talkig to people on the street, she lays down right next to us and waits. Even when we have lessons inside houses, she just sleeps until we're done. We've been trying to fins a home for her. Sister Alves named her cookie.

My Dream - This past week I had a completely terrible dream. I dreamed that I got off my mission after serving 18 months, went home, and was still at the same Portuguese level that I am now. But that's not even the worst part.In my dream, I was unsatified with my mission. I felt sad and like I could have done something more. I had wasted my 18 months as a missionary. It was definitely a wake up call. Not that I am wasting time now, but there are always things that we can be doing better. I have never felt worse in my whole life than I did in that dream. This week when Elder fix-it came to clean up our flood mess, he told us that the mission is one of the only things that you don't get to do over again. You get one shot, and then that's it! So that's a year and a half of working harder than you ever have before and getting a lot of doors slammed in your face. I still wouldn't trade it for the world.



sister hargrove

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