Monday, January 6, 2014


On Monday this week we got transfer calls (ready to do ONE MORE TRANSFER in the SBC?) and then Tuesday we went to the reeping. I am training... again... a brand spanking, new, fresh out of the MTC missionary. Her name is Sister Alves, she's 20, annnddd BRAZILIAN! Woohoo! She's from the capital, Brasilia and super cool. She has 2 weeks on the mission. holy heck. I'm a little nervous because I will be her first impression of the mission. yikes. No worries though. I'll do my best and Heavenly Father will make up the rest. Todo vai dar certo.

In other news, Brasil is drying up. In more ways than one. It's been over 90 degrees for the past week and I am frying. Also, I think I've talked to about everyone living in the St. Bernard, and as it turns out, the greater population in content being baptized when they're not old enough to eat solid food and then never stepping foot into a church again. fetch. But all is well. I'm still happy. But seriously... our teaching pool is dwindling... so if anyone has any friends in the greater São Bernardo area that are itching to hear the gospel, send them my way.

Let me tell you about my favorite missionary moment this week. It was a wet one. Sooooo, I lost my unbrella. And it turns out that my raincoat just doesnt do the trick when you're being pelted with raindrops. It was pouring. And I was completely soaked. To the point where I squeezed my skirt fabric and water dripped out. #sisterlife. We walked up Mt. Everest and tried to visit this less-active woman who I had never heard of. We called up to her apartment. A cute, quiet little woman answered the door. We chatted for a bit and then I asked her if she had ever served a mission. She served a mini-mission for six months, so we chitch-chatted about that for a bit as well. I felt prompted to share a scripture about prayer with her. So I shared the small story in 1 Nephi when his brother had caught him with cords and were going to kill him. Nephi said a quick fervent prayer and was made free. She then shared with us a great experiance that she had had with a simple, sincere prayer. Tears were shed. The Spirit was felt. Success. Through small and simple things, great things are come to pass. It all starts with opening your mouth. She said with tear in her eyes, "it's been a long time since the missionaries have thought to visit me." and then invited us to come back.

This week we lost one of the greats. Elder Correa, my zone leader for the past three transfers headed back to the land of Churrasco. It always makes me nervous when people go home because I know that my time will come to leave the mission field and enter into the mission field back home. Not because I feel like I won't be ready to go, or because I think I won't have finished what I need to do, But because this work is marvelous. Despite all the trials, hard days, rain, I've never been happier to be hastening the work than I am right now. On our way back from Christmas Conferance I was talking to him about how he felt about the mission and whether he had any advice. He said three things. 1. Be obedient. 2. Don't waste time... especially fighting with your companion. 3. Work with the members. It was a testimony to me that this really isn't up to me. We're in your ward to help you with missionary work. not the other way around. every member a missionary.

Have a great week, Family.


Sister Hargrove

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