Monday, July 8, 2013

V I S A !

V I S A: I GOT MY VISA! THIS IS NOT A DRILL! SISTER HARGROVE IS GOING TO BRAZIL ON MONDAY. I REPEAT, THIS IS NOT A DRILL. Good people of my family, last Friday, Mom's Brithday, I got THE PHONE CALL. Let me tell you the story. We had a lesson at the Church with a Returning Less-Active / Disfellowshipped member. Who is awesome, by the way. Anyways, We get this phone call in the middle of our lesson and Sister S says, "It's President Anderson!" But we didn't answer it. For the rest of our lesson, I was SO nervous. I just got this feeling that something crazy was about to happen because President Anderson doesn't ever just call to say hi haha Well we finish this lesson and immediately call President back. The whole time my heart is just pounding and then he says, "I just wanted to let you all know that we have received Sister Hargrove's Visa and she will be leaving on Monday, the 15th." And this is how I respond, cue the ugly tears... "OHMYGAWSH! AHHHH!!!!! I'M GOING TO BRAZIL!!! AHHH!!!!!!!!!!" repeat about 5 times while President is on the line talking to Sister H about my flight plan and other important stuff that I should have been listening to, but I was too busy freaking out. Craziest moment of my LIFE. So much changed in the five minute phone call. And now all I can think of is that fact that I need to eat as much American food as I can in the next 7 days because it's going to be rice and beans from here on out. SERIO.

4th of July: I had an AWESOME fourth this year. About a hundred missionaries walked in this huge parade in Monument, CO. It was soooo cool. we all dressed up in patriotic colors, held flags and sang hyms. We also threw a TON of candy. Our members, the Ss,  gave us $100 dollars to buy candy with. SO. MUCH. After the Parade we had dinner at the M's home. They are the sweetest couple I know. Brother M had a stroke a couple years ago has the sweetest testimony. They had my whole district over plus a member and fed us all a delicious barbeque. So good! 

Soup Kitchen Miracles: We went to the soup kitchen again last wednesday. As always, it was great. I was in charge of serving pasta. I stinking love those people!

Splits: At the beginning of this week I went on splits with a less-active member in one of the family wards. Her name is M and she is 18 years old. She is so nice. Anyways, so Sisters H and S went together in the car to a different area and M and I hit the streets. We visited about 8 less-active homes. half weren't there, but we found a new investigator while we were walking! His name is F, he is YSA aged and SO nice. We also visited a man named T who agreed to meet with us again. Turns out he works everyday except Sunday. How great is that?! ;)

Z: I can't remember if I have told you about Z already, but we had a lesson with him this week and I basically layed down the law. I have never been so bold in my life. I pretty much told him that he needed to get his life together and start taking action instead of smoking pot all day long. It was AWESOME. He told me that I blew his mind. Such a good feeling. Then later that week he had the audacity to try and drop us! He said he was only going to come to Church because he thought we were pretty. But fortunately for him, I stood my ground and told him we would be back next week to see how his Book of Mormon reading was going. :)

That's all I have time to write right now... I have to send home a few things... turns out I brought too much stuff... Who knew?! Anyways, I'll be sending that home soon.


I will talk to you in seven days! AHH! IN BRAZIL!


Sister Hargrove

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