Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Can you believe that I will have been here for a whole month tomorrow? NUTS. I don't even know how time has flown so fast. Two most weeks and I'll be outta here.
Mouse(s): So one day this past week all the elders came to classes going on and on about how there was a mouse in their room. They all screamed like little girls and then threatened that they were going to throw it into our dorm window that night. Well the next day. Sister E and I were getting ready for gym and I see something scamper across the room and underneath the bed. I've never screamed so loud in my life! Who knew I was afraid of mice? So we were trying to find it underneath the bunkbed when it darted out (more screaming) and ran under our door and out into the hallway... never to be found again.
Sunday Devotional: We have devotionals every Tuesday and Sunday. And guess who came last Tuesday... ELDER RUSSELL M NELSON. I mean, no big deal, he's just AWESOME. Seriously though. He is so funny and he really pumped me up about missionary work and the lives that it can change. He truly is called of God. No doubt about it. THEN, this Sunday, A sister in my district, Sister E, played her own rendition of Called to Serve on the piano. She is the most gifted person on the piano I have ever seen. She arranged the song herself, so she had no music with her and I swear her fingers were moving at lightening speed. All 5,000+ of us missionaries LOVED it. And she was able to get me and Sister D front row seats to Devo too. SCORE! Afterwards, everyone came up to her and shook her hand like she was a celebrity!
Progressing Investigators: We are still teaching I. and B.. B. is a progressing, punk of a 16 year old, and I think our teacher, Brother M. gets a LOT of joy out of giving us troubles. I think he feels a little overwhelmed with every thing as well. Funny story, yesterday Sis D and I were talking to him about the commandments and she said something about being "trische," but Bonno thought she said "xixi" (pronounced very similarly) and started busting up laughing. So we both looked at each other so confused and he was like "xixi?? xixi??" so he grabbed one of our Portuguese dictionaries and looked it up. turns out, "xixi" means urine. awesome. haha In other news, we had a really great lesson with Iris this past week as well. We taught about families and both brought in pitures of them and told her about what they like to do and all that jazz and she LOVED it. I really felt like we related and then afterwards, she came up to us and told us that we really found our teaching style this week and that our Portuguese sounded GREAT. YAYY!!
TRC: This week we taught a woman in TRC who was actually from Brazil! It was awesome! We taught her about prayer, which was great, but that's not even the best part. TURNS OUT she's from the SPS mission! And her family still lives there and they're not members. So as she was getting emotional she quickly wrote down all the names and contact information for her family in Brazil and told us to work hard! Such a cool experiance. It finally felt real!
Reassignments: So next week is our last week in the MTC! AHH! We will be getting our reassingments on Wednesday or Thursday, so GUESS WHAT. I'll get to call you on one of those days to tell you where I've been reassigned. I'll only have five minutes, but I was thinking that I could call dad first and then he could add mom in on the second line. yes? Also, I've forgotten your phone number, dad... so yeah. I'm going to need that por favor. ALSO, I can't be reassigned to a mission that touches my home mission... sooooo I could totally get called to Seattle, or Spokane or something. So weird, right? That would be CRAY.
Sister Training Leaders: This week we welcomed in our new district. We have 12 missionaries going to the Portugal Lisbon mission. They are GREAT. We got to have a mini testimony meeting on their first day and give them a tour and all that fun stiff so it was really cool. I felt so... old. haha They come and ask us questions all the time. I feel so experianced hahah
Brazilians: Our district has met 4 Brazilians in the MTC so far. And we talk to them ALL the time. It's the greatest. Our whole district just fawns over them and their perfect portuguese. I cannot wait to go to Brazil. I am going to fall in love (in a completely sister missionary appropriate way) with every single on of those Brazialians.
Well love and miss you guys. Love all the DearElders and letters and emails. Keep em' coming!
- Sister Hargrove
PS I need grandpa's address. They sent me a pie this week! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!

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